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NCTRC Hurricane Disaster Response

The Board of Directors and staff of NCTRC join all CTRSs in expressing concern for the individuals impacted by the recent severe weather events. While progress is being made to provide relief to all affected by these disasters, it is a somber fact that it may take months or perhaps years before life is returned to “normal” for many victims. As an organization, NCTRC is exploring several ways in which it might assist CTRSs and TR students during this tragedy. NCTRC has already received several calls and emails regarding these disasters. As of now, we are encouraging individuals to address…

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Hardship Fee Waiver Program

NCTRC Announces New Hardship Fee Waiver Program You may ask, “What is a hardship?” As defined by the NCTRC Hardship Fee Waiver Committee, it is an unanticipated life event that causes a substantial financial burden and losses in major life areas. NCTRC believes that the fees associated with the application process should not be a deterrent to furthering your career. In this spirit, we are pleased to introduce the Hardship Fee Waiver program. This program is designed to provide a waiver of NCTRC fees associated with the CTRS credential, to those who have experienced a hardship or unanticipated life event…

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