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NCTRC Approves CEU credit for the Supervision of Interns

At a recent meeting, the NCTRC Board of Directors approved the award of continuing education credit for internship supervision. The new standard governing CE credit went into effect on July 1, 2014 and requires additional terms and conditions as applied to the current internship standards. The new standard allows for up to two (2) CE credit earning internship supervisory experiences per recertification cycle. Each internship supervisory experience will be awarded five (5) CE credit hours for a maximum award of 10 credit hours per recertification cycle. The application of the new standard is retroactive for up to five (5) years…

NCTRC Certification Standards: Changes, Updates and Effective Dates

Currently, there are no pending changes to the NCTRC Certification Standards. Please continue to check back for any updates.

Mailing Labels and E-Mail Notification Process

NCTRC contact information is available for purchase by individuals or organizations who wish to provide CTRS certificants with professional information and materials related to therapeutic recreation. This policy outline and attached application provide the necessary information and procedures required to request CTRS contact information from NCTRC. The designated information must be directly related to continuing education opportunities, professional practice issues, informal research surveys, or important developments that directly affect the CTRS professional and TR/RT Practice. NCTRC does not provide contact information to commercial vendors. Continuing Education Mailing Label Application Research Mailing Label Application

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