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Hardship Fee Waiver Program

NCTRC Announces New Hardship Fee Waiver Program You may ask, “What is a hardship?” As defined by the NCTRC Hardship Fee Waiver Committee, it is an unanticipated life event that causes a substantial financial burden and losses in major life areas. NCTRC believes that the fees associated with the application process should not be a deterrent to furthering your career. In this spirit, we are pleased to introduce the Hardship Fee Waiver program. This program is designed to provide a waiver of NCTRC fees associated with the CTRS credential, to those who have experienced a hardship or unanticipated life event…

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Spotlight to Shine on NCTRC! NCTRC is thrilled to announce our nationwide feature on the award-winning television series, Innovations with Ed Begley, Jr. This educational and informative 6 minute segment has aired on FOX Business Network and CNN. It explored advances in therapeutic recreation, showcased the key issues impacting the practice of recreational therapy, and discussed the vital role that NCTRC plays in protecting consumers and promoting excellence of the profession through the certification of recreational therapists. Please visit the segment by clicking here.

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