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Pre-Application Coursework Review

The Pre-Application Coursework Review Process is designed to assist potential applicants in determining whether they meet current certification coursework requirements prior to submitting a formal application. This process will allow for early confirmation of coursework to individuals who are not certain if previously completed coursework will meet NCTRC eligibility requirements. This is an optional process and is not required for Professional Eligibility Review.

Application Process

Complete the Pre-Application Coursework Review Process at MY NCTRC LOGIN.

  • Please list the title of the course(s) you would like to have reviewed within the appropriate section of the application. Only courses listed on the application will be reviewed.
  • The Pre-Application Review fee is $35.00 per application submission (multiple course listings per application are permissible). Please submit the $35.00 fee with the application.
  • Please submit either an official, original printed or electronic transcript for the review. Electronic transcripts need to be sent directly to NCTRC from the registrar’s office. Please submit all related course syllabi, as necessary, describing the nature and scope of the course(s). This request pertains to courses in which the title is not clearly defined on the transcript or if the course content is not clearly presented.

Review Process

Pre-Application Coursework applications will be reviewed by using current NCTRC coursework
review procedures. The application review will be completed within four weeks of receipt.

Please Note:

  • The Pre-Application Coursework Review Process is not intended to replace the formal Professional Eligibility application process.
  • Applicants who receive notice that submitted coursework was not approved have no formal process of appeal. However, the applicant can submit an application for Professional Eligibility and use the formal appeal process associated with this application procedure to present their case.
  • It is the applicant’s responsibility to monitor changes in the NCTRC Certification Standards. Coursework approval is limited to the period of time that applies to the current NCTRC Certification Standards.