Become a CTRS

Become a CTRS

NCTRC certification signifies that a recreational therapist has the knowledge, skill, and ability that is well recognized as being essential for the practice of recreational therapy.

How to Become a CTRS:
the Qualified Provider of Recreational Therapy Services

Individuals seeking certification apply to NCTRC and must meet established standards that include education, experience, and continuing professional development. The Certified Therapeutic Recreation Specialist (CTRS) credential is granted by NCTRC after the specific educational and experiential qualifications are met, eligibility to take the exam is established, and testing is successfully completed.

Candidates are eligible to register for the NCTRC certification exam if they are in compliance with NCTRC’s Certification Standards and Prerequisites, and it has been determined by NCTRC that all professional eligibility requirements have been met through either the academic or equivalency paths.

When a candidate is awarded the CTRS credential, it serves as evidence that the individual, through knowledge and experience, has met NCTRC’s CTRS Certification Standards. The award of the CTRS credential is a limited license to use the titles of “Certified Therapeutic Recreation Specialist®” and “CTRS®” subject to NCTRC’s Certification Standards.

Steps to Certification

1. Read the complete NCTRC Certification Standards

2. Choose the appropriate Path to Certification and meet the requirements.

3. Complete and submit the Professional Eligibility Application online using MY NCTRC LOGIN.

4. Register for an exam appointment and pass the NCTRC Exam.