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NCTRC Practice Exam

NCTRC Practice Exam

The primary purpose of the NCTRC Practice Exam is to provide a simulated experience regarding the NCTRC exam format. The practice exam is not an actual NCTRC certification exam and the questions used are not identical to items that may appear on the NCTRC certification exam. The questions on the practice exam are offered as an opportunity to become familiar with the general types of questions that may appear on an actual NCTRC certification exam.

Success in answering the questions on the practice exam is not a predictor of performance on an actual NCTRC exam, and NCTRC disclaims any warranty or guarantee related to performance on any NCTRC Certification exam.

By accessing the practice exam, the user: (a) acknowledges that all rights to the practice exam, including copyright to individual test questions, are owned and retained by NCTRC, and may not be copied, retained or released to others verbally or in any media or format, and (b) agrees to waive any claims or actions against NCTRC arising out of NCTRC’s agreement to permit limited access to this practice exam. This agreement and all conditions of use shall be governed by the laws of the state of New York, and as to copyright, the laws of the United States.

  • The practice exam contains 90 multiple-choice questions with a mixture of both 3 and 4 option items
  • The practice exam is formatted with one question per page
  • The practice exam contains answer slides following each exam item that includes a) rationale, b) reference, and c) exam content area related to the item

Please access the NCTRC Practice Exam in English here.
Please access the NCTRC Practice Exam in French-Canadian here.
Please access the NCTRC Practice Exam in Spanish-Modern (Spanish for Latin Americas) here.