The NCTRC Board of Directors approved at its April 2003 meeting (and reaffirmed at April 2010 meeting) a Military Reserve Certification Status for those CTRSs currently on active duty in the Armed Forces. NCTRC recognizes the efforts of the men and women serving in the Armed Forces and is committed to assisting them to maintain their CTRS or Professional Eligibility status.

During the period of Reserve Status, the qualified individual is not required to complete the NCTRC annual maintenance or recertification application, pay annual renewal fees, or complete the NCTRC exam if test eligible. A qualified individual can remain on NCTRC Reserve Status as long as he/she is on active duty within a United States military service, not to exceed a period of two years. NCTRC Reserve Status will cease as of the date of your official military discharge from active duty.

If you wish to apply for Military Reserve Certification Status or have any questions regarding the information outlined above, please contact NCTRC.