The Board of Directors and staff of NCTRC join all CTRSs in expressing concern for the individuals impacted by the recent severe weather events. While progress is being made to provide relief to all affected by these disasters, it is a somber fact that it may take months or perhaps years before life is returned to “normal” for many victims. As an organization, NCTRC is exploring several ways in which it might assist CTRSs and TR students during this tragedy.

NCTRC has already received several calls and emails regarding these disasters. As of now, we are encouraging individuals to address their health and safety needs first, well before addressing issues related to certification. NCTRC is committed to assisting all individuals who have been affected by these disasters and who are concerned about how to establish or maintain active CTRS status. We ask that individuals contact NCTRC directly to discuss these concerns and their individual situations.

As time and circumstances permit, individuals should complete and submit the forms that are necessary to maintain their CTRS status. 

  • If an individual is not able to submit an application by the published deadline, he/she may contact NCTRC at and request an extension for both Annual Maintenance and Recertification.
  • For students who have experienced an interruption in their internship, please review the NCTRC Alternative Internship Guidelines
  • Individuals who have experienced difficulties pertaining to the NCTRC Certification Exam should contact NCTRC directly at Prometric test center closures can be found at
  • Duplicate copies of ATRA sponsored continuing education certificates can be ordered at the ATRA Website.

NCTRC is committed to assisting all CTRSs who have been impacted by these devastating events. As time permits, please contact NCTRC and let us know how we may assist you with issues related to your CTRS certification.