NCTRC Announces New Hardship Fee Waiver Program

You may ask, “What is a hardship?” As defined by the NCTRC Hardship Fee Waiver Committee, it is an unanticipated life event that causes a substantial financial burden and losses in major life areas.

NCTRC believes that the fees associated with the application process should not be a deterrent to furthering your career. In this spirit, we are pleased to introduce the Hardship Fee Waiver program. This program is designed to provide a waiver of NCTRC fees associated with the CTRS credential, to those who have experienced a hardship or unanticipated life event causing a substantial financial burden and losses in major life areas. If you believe that you might qualify for a fee waiver, please contact the NCTRC office and speak with a Credentialing Specialist about the process.

To apply for the NCTRC Hardship Fee Waiver Program:

  1. Call NCTRC at (845) 639-1439 and speak with a Credentialing Specialist.
  2. Individuals may only submit the Fee Waiver Request Form after they have spoken with a member of the credentialing team and they have met the certification standards associated with the fees they are requesting to be waived.
  3. Submit the completed NCTRC Fee Waiver Request Form along with any requested documents to
  4. The Hardship Fee Review Committee will review all applications for Fee Waiver. 
  5. Applicants will be notified of the committee’s decision via email.

Please Note: Review of applications for professional eligibility, annual maintenance, or recertification are completed by the Credentialing Specialists and the decisions rendered are based on the NCTRC Certification Standards. They are not influenced in any way by the applicant’s decision to apply for a waiver of fees associated with the NCTRC application.