NCTRC Certification Exam

NCTRC Certification Exam

Successful completion of the NCTRC Certification Exam is a requirement of the CTRS credentialing application process. Applicants must establish Professional Eligibility in order to register for the exam. For a complete explanation of the exam application process please review the NCTRC Certification Standards.

Exam Registration

The NCTRC Certification Exam is only available to individuals who have established professional eligibility or who have current CTRS status.

About the Exam – Effective January 1, 2023

The NCTRC examination is a 3 hour examination available in English, Spanish for Latin Americas and Canadian French. During the administration of the examination, each candidate will be presented with an exam form consisting of 120 multiple choice questions with a mixture of both 3 and 4 option items. The test may not be reviewed once it has been exited.

Upon completion of the test, you will receive a score report indicating pass or fail.

To maximize your time and to assure that you do not exit the test in error before answering all of the questions, it is recommended that you attempt each question before reviewing marked questions. To ensure the valid development of the NCTRC exam program, a small number of items (17%) will be presented in order to gather performance statistics. These items will be non-scored, will not impact your test result and will be presented randomly within the test form.

The NCTRC Exam can be completed at PSI Testing Centers or via Live Remote Proctoring.

PSI Testing Centers

PSI offers full-service test administration, with an extensive test center network and remote proctoring methods that provide our candidates with maximum flexibility. The test sites are required to comply with regulations governing the access for individuals with disabilities. Please see PSI Test Center Experience for more information.

Live Remote Proctoring

Live remote proctoring is where a candidate may schedule the test for a set date and time, then launches the test via computer from a secure location worldwide, that will be required to meet specific criteria. Please visit Live Remote Proctoring and FAQS for more information.