Hire a CTRS

Hire a CTRS

As an employer, you want to hire the most qualified recreational therapy professional available.

NCTRC certification indicates that the CTRS is the most qualified provider of recreational therapy services, with the skill, ability and knowledge recognized as essential for recreational therapy practice.

The CTRS credential has been developed and accredited based on nationally accepted standards for certifying agencies and the following established criteria:

  1. NCTRC certification standards are based on the knowledge and skill necessary for competent practice in the delivery of recreational therapy services as verified by research pertaining to the Job Analysis.
  2. Every CTRS has passed a national certification exam which has established norms for both validity and reliability.
  3. Every CTRS completes recertification designed to measure continued competence to hold the credential.
  4. Every CTRS must comply with the NCTRC disciplinary codes to retain the credential. NCTRC serves as the clearinghouse for addressing disciplinary issues within the profession of therapeutic recreation.

Significant progress has been made in refining the Certified Therapeutic Recreation Specialist (CTRS) credential by adding standardized testing, standards for professional conduct and continued professional competence. There has also been an increased emphasis on education of the public regarding the meaning and value of the credential to assure competence and quality in the delivery of recreational therapy services.

The CTRS Credential is the only national certification designed to protect the consumer of recreational therapy services.

NCTRC fulfills its mission of protecting the consumer of recreational therapy services through three important functions:

  1. NCTRC standards are based on current professional knowledge and skills necessary for competent practice and continued competence in recreational therapy services.
  2. Individual qualifications for certification and recertification are evaluated by NCTRC through a comprehensive system of review, verification, and standardized national testing to assure that each individual awarded the CTRS has in fact, met the qualifications to hold the credential.
  3. NCTRC monitors adherence to standards to assure that cases involving potential harm to public health and safety are investigated fully and that appropriate sanctions of reprimand, suspension and/or revocation are instituted as needed. NCTRC standards include education, experience,
    continuing professional development, and adherence to principles of appropriate professional conduct.

To assure that NCTRC meets its mission of protecting the consumer, each CTRS is required to continuously maintain competence in recreational therapy practice via the recertification process.