Verification of Certification

Verification of Certification

NCTRC is pleased to provide verification information about active Certified Therapeutic Recreation Specialists to consumers, employers, and practitioners of recreational therapy services. Verification of certification may be necessary for a variety reasons, such as for agency employment records, a job application background check, or accreditation agency compliance including CARF and the Joint Commission. For specific information about potential disciplinary issues, please contact NCTRC at

How Can Employers Verify Certification At A Glance?

There are certain measures an employer can take to verify whether an employee or candidate for employment is certified by NCTRC as a CTRS. Upon the award of certification and renewal of certification, each CTRS can access their official certificate. This official document contains the certificant’s name, certification level, annual expiration date and certification number. The certification number is a five-digit ID number issued by NCTRC.

Employers Can Use NCTRC Services For Verification Of Certification

NCTRC can provide information on whether or not a specific individual is certified. NCTRC adheres to a strict procedure when requests for information are received in an effort to protect the confidentiality of certificant records.

Individuals can access NCTRC Verification:

On the Website:
Check any time by clicking on the CTRS VERIFICATION button in the navigation menu above. A verification search can be conducted by listing the individual’s name, certification ID number, or State/Province/Country of residence.

By Phone or Mail:
Certification verification may also be conducted via phone or mail. An individuals full name or certification number is needed to complete the verification. All requests about certification status are handled by NCTRC Credentialing Specialists who are certified at the CTRS professional level and authorized to release the following information:

  • Certification level, if any, including CTRS status or professional eligibility.
  • Whether or not the certified individual is in good standing (i.e., not under disciplinary limitation).
  • Date certification or professional eligibility was granted.
  • Date certification or professional eligibility will expire.

PLEASE NOTE: NCTRC will not release information regarding expired or denied records.

If an employer inquires about the certification status of an individual against whom NCTRC has issued a final sanction that currently affects the individual’s eligibility or certification status, NCTRC will disclose:

  • NCTRC rule(s) found to have been violated.
  • Date of the finding of the violation.
  • Sanction(s) applied against the individual.