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Vision, Mission & Goals


– To be publicly recognized as the largest international body of Certified Therapeutic Recreation Specialists to provide recreational therapy services
– To have premier recognition status among consumers, employers, and regulators
– To use research and technology to enhance the certification exam program and the critical functions of the Council
– To establish a viable and effective organizational marketing program and promote the validity and value of the credential
– To enhance opportunities for research and serve as a repository of information pertaining to credentialing opportunities within therapeutic recreation

To achieve this Vision NCTRC

  • Establishes the value and worth of the CTRS credential
  • Ensures practice-based certification standards
  • Maintains an effective and technologically advanced exam program
  • Promotes legal recognition of the CTRS credential
  • Increases the number of new applicants for NCTRC certification
  • Increases recertification retention
  • Ensures fiscal responsibility


To protect the consumer of therapeutic recreation services by promoting the provision of quality therapeutic recreation services by NCTRC certificants.

To achieve this Mission NCTRC

  • Develops standards for certification
  • Establishes standards of conduct and applies a disciplinary process
  • Conducts entry, recertification, and reentry testing
  • Maintains an up-to-date job analysis
  • Liaisons with professional organizations with regards to standards of practice
  • Verifies certification for employers
  • Conducts research and development
  • Provides recertification and reentry
  • Liaisons with educators to provide information and develop opportunities for student acquisition of education and experience necessary for certification
  • Provides information to the public regarding standards, disciplinary processes, and certification


NCTRC Current Strategic Goals

  • Ensure practice-based certification standards
  • Increase the number of CTRS Certificants
  • Increase recertification retention
  • Maintain an effective and technological advanced exam program
  • Advance specialty certification programs
  • Expand international market
  • Promote legal recognition of the CTRS credential
  • Maintain fiscal stability, responsibility, and growth
  • Explore new certification programs and alliances