NCTRC Job Analysis

NCTRC Job Analysis

Download pdf: NCTRC National Job Analysis

The purpose of the job analysis (JA) is to identify the tasks and knowledge that are important for competent performance by CTRSs. A JA study is conducted to answer the essential questions: What are the important job tasks related to competent practice and what knowledge and skills are essential for competent performance? The job analysis findings serve as the basis of the NCTRC Certification Exam and inform the CTRS about content areas acceptable for continuing education.


A benchmark for any profession is the ability to routinely monitor its own practice through an ongoing process of self-regulation. Paramount to this process is the establishment of a credentialing program that enables the profession to safeguard consumers by stating who is competent to practice. The establishment of a valid job analysis is essential to the integrity of a credentialing program and its associated exam program. The job analysis translates practice into a usable format for test development. The JA delineates the important tasks and knowledge deemed necessary for competent practice. A well-conducted job analysis helps insure that a certification exam is job related and thus has content validity. The process directly links the content of the certification exam to field-identified important job tasks (Oltman & Rosenfield, 1997). Therefore, the job analysis process is an essential component in establishing the content validity of a credentialing exam (Standards for Educational and Psychological Testing, 1999).

NCTRC Job Analysis Study

In 2014, NCTRC completed its fourth comprehensive Job Analysis Study. The CTRS Job Analysis Report (PDF) outlines the rationale, procedures and findings of the 2014 NCTRC job analysis study. The job analysis study was conducted by NCTRC with technical assistance from Prometric testing services located in Baltimore, Maryland. Prometric is recognized as a global leader in occupational testing and exam development and currently serves as the test administrator for the NCTRC exam program.

The CTRS Job Analysis Report contains the current NCTRC tasks and knowledge domains. The current tasks as performed by the Certified Therapeutic Recreation Specialist represent the therapeutic recreation process. The knowledge domains form the basis of the NCTRC exam content and are used to evaluate internships and continuing education within the therapeutic recreation profession.

A thorough review of the CTRS Job Analysis Report is recommended for all exam applicants and current CTRSs seeking recertification.